Our funeral home has provided excellent care to families in Oro Valley and surrounding communities for years. When you select Marana Mortuary Cemetery, you entrust us with a great responsibility. We constantly strive to provide the best cemetery options in the area, and to do so we hold ourselves to the highest standards of care.

A funeral or memorial can be critical to the grieving process

Losing someone you care about is never easy. Moving through the steps of acceptance and grieving are important aspects of moving forward. A funeral provides a sense of closure and enables those who are grieving to begin the healing process. Being surrounded by family and friends and learning how their lives were touched can bring you great comfort. Reach out to us today and we can tell you more about the benefits of a funeral or memorial.

Our cemetery and burial services offer many options

At Marana Mortuary Cemetery, our cemetery makes us a first choice for many families in Oro Valley and the rest of Pima and Pinal Counties. With 23 sprawling acres available, we have been able to create dedicated areas for veterans, those of the Jewish faith, a founder’s section, and even a special place for our public servants to rest eternally.

When you choose Marana Mortuary Cemetery for your cremation needs, the options are nearly endless – from permanent possession in an urn, to in-ground burial, memorial keepsakes and beyond. You can trust us to find the best cemetery option for you.

Preplanning a Funeral Service

While we understand preplanning a funeral or memorial is not always a top priority, it can benefit your loved ones in the future. When you preplan, your family and friends don’t have to make quick important decisions about your arrangements. Your arrangements are clearly stated. Preplanning allows you to carefully consider your wishes while also providing you with the peace of mind that your arrangements will be carried out as requested. If you preplan with us you can choose to prepay now, which locks in today’s prices. Think of preplanning as a gift to your family.

How to get in contact with us

If you are a resident in Oro Valley or one of the surrounding communities and have an immediate need, please contact us directly at 520-682-9900.