Expressing concern for the state of the environment is common these days. At Marana Mortuary Cemetery, we want our neighbors in Casa Adobes, Marana, and the surrounding area to have sustainable burial options available. As the only natural burial service provider in Southern Arizona, we are proud to offer green burial so that families can feel confident choosing us. Green burial ensures no toxic chemicals are used and that carbon emissions are reduced. Our team members especially value this service option, as it’s safer for them to perform a green burial as opposed to a traditional one.

Funeral Options in Southern Arizona

When you choose us for burial, whether it’/s green or traditional, we pledge to provide compassionate and thoughtful care at every step of the way. You may choose to hold a visitation or memorial service in our state-of-the-art chapel that can accommodate up to 200 guests. We can also arrange to hold services in an alternative location like a local church or your home. As part of funeral planning, we encourage families to select meaningful graveside markers such as engraved headstones and special memorial items like flower arrangements.

Personalizing Your Service with Us

With every funeral or cremation service we arrange, we prioritize honoring your loved one’s uniqueness. Personalization lets you celebrate what made your loved one so special, and with us there are a number of options to commemorate their life. Whether it’s a balloon release, a candlelight ceremony, or live music, we’ll ensure the service is tailored to meet your specific needs and budget. A catered reception is a popular choice with our neighbors, as food brings people together and can help promote healthy movement through the grief journey.

Contact Us

Call us at 520-682-9900 to find out more about our green and traditional burial options. We are happy to get the planning process started over the phone. Otherwise, you can arrange a time to stop by our funeral home to meet with one of our funeral planning professionals.