So many Marana and Tucson families choose Marana Mortuary & Cemetery because they can make every arrangement their loved one will need under one roof. In addition to offering a peace of mind, we can also help your family determine the most appropriate final resting place for your loved one.

We have several beautiful urns on-site for you to view and many more available for order. We also have a number of placement options, including traditional burial, uprights, and even boulder placement. We have enough room that you can establish a new family heritage by being able to have all of your family members together for generations to come.

We can also offer you interior glass front, brick, and granite niches. If permanent possession is best for you, we have a number of jewelry and keepsake options you may choose from.

When you think of Marana, think of the options you need to remember in the most meaningful way.



Brick Front Niches                                                 Brick Front Niches

Garden of Peace Columbarium