Preplanning your funeral is one of the greatest gifts you can give your loved ones. Putting your wishes down in writing ahead of time lets your family know exactly how you’d like to be remembered. At Marana Mortuary & Cemetery, we recommend putting your end-of-life preferences down in writing, especially if you have specific ideas of how you wish to be memorialized. Our experienced staff members are always available to discuss making prearrangements with us.

Choosing Cremation with Us

Many families in Oro Valley believe that choosing cremation limits your options. Our team at Marana Mortuary & Cemetery knows this is far from the truth. You can still hold a visitation or a reception when you choose cremation. Your service can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, and we can help you tailor it to your individual preferences. Our staff members have a combined 130 years of funeral service experience, and we are well-prepared to advise you on your cremation plans.

Memorialization Options with Us

At Marana Mortuary & Cemetery, we have a variety of memorialization options available for final disposition when you choose cremation. Our large 23-acre cemetery has a brick niche wall with beautiful bronze markers. When you’re preplanning a cremation with us, you may wish to select a personalized memorial plaque with or without your cremated remains. Our staff can advise you on local laws and regulations should you decide to have your loved ones scatter your cremated remains. Families in Oro Valley can choose from a vast selection of urns, cremation jewelry, and other memorial keepsakes.

Contact Us

To find out more about preplanning a cremation, contact us at 520-682-9900. Our staff in Oro Valley will answer any questions you may have about the planning process. We’ll help you decide on the best memorialization options for you.