Raymond Li

November 27, 2001 - March 3, 2021
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Frances Ludmer
Frances Ludmer
framces ludmer
Frances Ludmer
Frances Ludmer
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Raymond Li (Ludmer) born November 27, 2001 and at 19 years old, passed away  March 3, 2021 in Tucson, Arizona.

He was a beautiful son, loved by his mother, Frances Ludmer; and his twin sister Sarah Li and brother, Harold.

There are many people that have fond memories of him, and he will be missed by family, friends, and neighbors.

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Timeline for Raymond Li

Born: November 27, 2001
Died: March 3, 2021

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Dr. Frances Ludmer posted on 10/31/23

My darling son, I am addressing you in the afterlife, that my heart cherishes you everlasting, and I will continue to always love you. This world is a burdening place, people fighting, many not transparent, and the nuances continue, so I will continue to endeavor my journey, and pray when it ends, we will meet again. Your Mom


Frances Ludmer posted on 10/13/21

Everyday I light a candle in your memory, son. I miss you immensely and I have been renovating the space in the house where you passed. I made a commemoration to your memory. I painted Starry Night, a rendition of Van Gogh, modifying with my style. There are two grand arches that lead to the opening of the painting. Because you mean so much, I also painted a picture of you, which situates in the living room, but the colors, and brightness can never depict the heartfelt feelings I have for you forever, son. You will always be in my memory. Love Mom


Frances Ludmer posted on 7/15/21

I light a candle for you daily, and the memory of how precious you were in my life is everlasting. My prayers extend daily and write a journal as often as I can too. Love, Mom


framces ludmer posted on 6/14/21

I write a journal for Raymond as often as possible and speak to his spirit daily,. He is very much missed.


Frances Ludmer posted on 4/22/21

My son, my heart is broken not having you present and the same goes for your twin sister.


Frances Ludmer posted on 3/11/21

My Dearest Son, Raymond I hear your laughter, attentiveness, footsteps and have memories of your generosity and wholesomeness. I am stretching my mind, and eyes, in every which way, and I have connected to you forever my beloved boy. I also listen for every sound that emulates you, and my heart will forever gravitate towards you. My only hope is that you can feel what I feel, and know that I am missing you so much, and so is your beautiful sister, Sarah. Your older brother, Harold, was also so saddened to say goodbye but there is a forever connection my darling, until my time to reunite with you again. Love, Mom


Precsilla Estrada posted on 3/11/21

In memory of Raymond Li, Precsilla Estrada lit a candle


Scott Hershberger posted on 3/10/21

Dear Fran, You and your family are in my prayers.


Shelby Teague posted on 3/10/21

Raymond is so incredibly loved, you all are so incredible and unreasonably loved. That does not end after death or a funeral. It doesn't end at all. You are never alone as you may feel or think you are. It's hard and it will continue to be hard, but there are people who want to be there for you. We want to support you however we can. Its more than alright, Raymond wants to help you get there. You deserve to be alright. He loves you guys so much and he wants you to know and remember that. You did not fail him. He lost a long and hard battle and its no one's fault. The last thing he wants is for you to blame yourself. What he does want is for you to know that he wants you to be okay and know how loved you are, by him, by each other, by me, and by everyone who has written in this book and more. You are not alone. Love, Shelby Teague


Sophia Chen posted on 3/10/21

I remember doing chess club with Raymond and Sarah. It was so much fun. He was so nice and a lot of fun to be around. I know this is a painful time but you need to remember you did the best you could and nothing is your fault. Even though I didn't know him for a long time I thought he was a good friend.


Renee Brance posted on 3/10/21

Raymond was the most prepared, studious, talented student I have ever had the pleasure of not just teaching, but being around. He was a positive influence on all around him, whether immediately or often meeting or being around him. Kind, gentle and the type of curiosity and zest for learning that any teacher desires from a student. Raymond heart was a blessing for all who came into contact with him, including me. His spirit will live on in all those who know him, and by that indeed to all who did not by us striving to be more like him, and share the same kind heart that was him.


Maria Uaela posted on 3/10/21

Raymond, ya dis te abraco y te dio la Daz tu busabas ya esta con el por siempa en nuestros coranzanes descansa en paz. Transcribed and translated by Harold: "Raymond, May God hug you and give you the day you were looking for us already with him forever in our hearts rest in peace." Rax


Leo posted on 3/10/21

Raymond I didn't know you in person but through my sister Rosa. She only said beautiful words about you. Your beautiful soul is now in God's side. Rest in Peace in heaven.


christopher Golsten posted on 3/10/21

Raymond is a great kind soul. He had a quiet confidence and sincerity about him. I enjoyed the light in his eyes and his smile when he found things. He will be missed.


Janette Malcom posted on 3/10/21

I never met Raymond, but met his Mom, who brought much encouragement to me. I hope I can help here through this difficult time.


Isaich Dibble posted on 3/10/21

Raymond was an amazing friend and a great worker. Always in good spirits and I will always thank him and his mother for giving rides home and will truly miss him.


Didi Figueroa posted on 3/10/21

Raymond was a sweet young man. We will miss him so much he will always be in my heart.


brol leary posted on 3/10/21

Deepest Sympathy. I didn't know him well but he was a great spirit.


Sarina Blanchard posted on 3/10/21

Raymond was a beautiful soul. He was very loved. He will be missed.


Eric Salem posted on 3/9/21

I was sad to hear of my cousin Raymond's passing. Raymond was a special person, for the relatively short time that I knew him, I had some good times with Raymond and his family while they were living in Nova Scotia. Passing on the memories that I had, was a good way to remember him. It was my cousin's time, where there is no more suffering to be had by my cousin. For those who knew him, this has been a sad time. Baruch Dayan Haemet.


Michelle Steiner posted on 3/7/21

I’m terribly saddened to hear about this tragedy. My sincere sympathies to you.


The Ludmer Family posted on 3/7/21

Dear Frances Sarah and Harold. Your Quebec families mourn with you. Baruch Dayan Emes.


The Ludmer Family posted on 3/7/21

Dear Frances Sarah and Harold, Baruch Dayan Emes...Your Quebec families mourn with you.